F. Stokes

F. Stokes

"Our voices, [our] influence put a Black man in office. That's awesome." - F. Stokes

A gifted rapper and poet, this Chicago born and Madison, Wisconsin raised emcee released his first full-length album "Fearless Beauty" in June 2013. 

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Franksen.

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Can you remember the first Hip-Hop song you ever heard and what feelings it inspired in you?

F. Stokes: FBI, a underground song from a local group in Chicago. The song was titled "Forever Being ILL." It inspired me because it was from local guys, which gave me reason to believe I too can make it.

Who were the artists who have served as an inspiration to you?

F. Stokes:So many: Kanye West, Marvin Gaye, Tupac, NWA, Biggie...

What do you consider some of the most influential contributions made to Hip-Hop in the past 40 years?

F. Stokes:The movement that’s happening in Chicago right now. It’s music created from the silver-lining these kids are able to maximize in spite of wicked living conditions.

Where do you see Hip-Hop evolving in the next 40 years given its current direction?

F. Stokes:Hopefully where rock and roll went: timeless.

What do you consider your generation’s great contribution to Hip-Hop?

F. Stokes:President Obama. Our voices, [our] influence put a Black man in office. That’s awesome.

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