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Series Production Credits 


Shukree Tilghman,  Director Writer Producer

Owen Cooper, Series Producer

Raymond Muhammad, Editor

Chris Lytwyn, Cinematography       

Thiago Da Costa, Cinematography

Peter Olsen, Cinematography

Israel Nava Herreros, Cinematography

Jasmine Rivera, Associate Producer

Heidi M. Mueller, Associate Producer

Will McKinley, Additional Camera

Orion Gordon, Production Sound Mixer

Everett Saunders, Assistant Audio Mixer

Dreyton Jordan, Location Manager

Chris Ungco, Assistant Camera/DIT

Maya Tilghman, Production Assistant 

Sarah Mexicotte, Production Assistant

Oliver Olsen, Production Assistant   

Erin Falker, Production Assistant

Mary Bernardi, Bookkeeper

Jacob Gervich, Assistant Editor

Craig Lowy, Design and Animation


|Additional Footage provided by:

NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund

KMOV-TV, Inc. Channel 4 News St. Louis


| Archival Footage provided by:

T3 Media

Streamline Films 

F.I.L.M. Archives


| Archival Stills provided by:

Corbis Images

The Dream Defenders


| Music by:

MusicBox / OLE Music           


| On Camera:

Algernon Austin, Economic Policy Institute

Barbara Perry Student, Focus: Hope

William Jones, Focus: Hope

Sherrilyn Ifill, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund

Edward Blum, Project on Fair Representation

John Lewis, United States House of Representatives     

Gary Orfield, The Civil Rights Project

Robyne Black, Francis Howell Parent       

Becky Pettit, University of Washington

Hakim Abdul-Rasheed, Tilghman Family

Darrick West, Tilghman Family

Baratunde Thurston, Cultivated Wit

Marc Morial, The Urban League

Erica WIlliams, EWS Strategies

Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr., The Hip Hop Caucus

Charles Euchner, Author

John Burnett


| Special Thanks

Aja Tilghman

Eleanor Vernice Siyon

Ian Bibby

Eryka Casper

Minnie Li

Solis Spaces

CSI Rentals

Focus : HOPE

Bad Dog Productions

Arbuckle Industries

The Delaware Department of Correction

Corner Social Restaurant

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

Dedicated to the memory of Ralph A. Cooper 1928-2013 
Civil Rights Activist, Father and Friend

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