Dreams of Obama

"Now, as he takes office facing the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, illuminating the central experiences that formed Barack Obama and led to his meteoric rise to the presidency can help us understand the man the country has chosen to lead it through these perilous times." - FRONTLINE Producer Michael Kirk

Dreams of Obama

This FRONTLINE documentary explores the personal and political biography of America’s 44th president, offering a rich insight into significant moments and experiences that have shaped him and formed his politics. Dreams of Obama reviews what made Barack Hussein Obama uniquely suited to launch the successful campaign that lead to his historic victory: his community organizing days in Chicago, his presidency of the Harvard Law Review, and his rise to the top of Illinois politics, in the course of which he learned how to navigate America’s complicated racial and political divides, and marry Michele Robinson. The hour-long film details key moments and decisions that led up to his announcement in early 2007 that he would run for president 

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A rich personal and political biography of America's 44th president.
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Web Extra

Interviews with advisers, friends and close observers.

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