Underground Railroad: The William Still Story

"It was my good fortune to lend a helping hand to the weary travelers flying from the land of bondage." - William Still

The Wiliam Still StoryUnderground Railroad: The William Still Story reveals the largely untold story of William Still, who is one of the most important individuals of the Underground Railroad. Still heroically tried to get as many runaways as he could to "Freedom’s Land,” and smuggle them across the US border to Canada amidst the danger of bounty hunters. Because he kept meticulous records of the many escaped slaves who passed through the Philadelphia "station", his book to this day is some of the best evidence we have of the workings of the Underground Railroad, detailing the freedom seekers who used it, including where they came from, how they escaped, and the families they left behind.

Watch a preview of Underground Railroad: The William Still Story below.

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This is the story of a man who risked his life shepherding runaway slaves to freedom.

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